How Landstar flatbed trucking works

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Landstar - Flatbed Trucking

When you’re transporting heavy or oversized loads, you need to know your shipment will make it from A to B without a hitch. 

Flatbed trucking from Landstar provides the perfect solution to all your heavy haul shipping needs. Whether moving materials, machinery, or a 31-foot tall statue of Abraham Lincoln, Landstar has the experience and expertise to deliver. 

How do we keep our flatbed fleet rolling smoothly? Keep reading to find out.  

What is flatbed trucking?

As the name suggests, the flatbed truck is a vehicle with a flat platform – typically used for transporting large freight loads.

The platform is unenclosed (no roof, no sides), making loading and unloading simple. Flatbed trucks can easily accommodate heavy or unwieldy loads, making them an excellent choice for freight that can’t fit a typical truck.

Flatbed trucks are a standard option for transporting freight held in shipping containers and oversized equipment or materials such as lumber, steel, industrial machinery, or construction equipment. 

With the capacity to carry up to 48,000 pounds, and an average bed length of 20 to 53 feet, there’s not much a flatbed can’t carry. 

How Landstar flatbed trucks handles your shipment

Landstar offers flatbed truck shipping as a part of our step deck, heavy, and specialized transportation provision. We’re a recognized leader in heavy-haul transportation, so we know how to avoid those heavy-haul nightmares that can lead to damage, delay, and unnecessary expense.  

What makes Landstar’s freight so unique? It’s the people. 

Our extensive transportation network covers North America and extends worldwide, connecting customers, independent agents, and secure capacity providers

Landstar’s flatbed truck fleet

With over 3000 flatbed trailers at our disposal, you can be confident that we’ll have the right vehicle available for your load when needed. Choose from heavy haul options, including:

  • Flatbeds
  • Step decks
  • Double-drops
  • Extendable flatbeds
  • Multi-axle flatbeds
  • Removal goosenecks (RGNs)

Landstar’s flatbed truck drivers

Flatbeds aren’t always the easiest vehicles to maneuver, but each and every Landstar driver is fully vetted and equipped with the best tools for the job.

We’re one of the safest transportation networks in America, and that’s a commitment we take seriously.

Landstar’s third-party network

Landstar’s trusted network of carriers, agents, and owner-operators is what keeps the wheels of our flatbed truck fleet turning. 

Selected for their high-quality service provision, our third-party partners allow us to offer flatbed trucking services that are secure and reliable, regardless of the geographical location required.  

Backed by Landstar’s proprietary technological solutions, our carriers benefit from some of the best tools in the business – meaning they can focus on getting your shipment from A to B, no roadblocks included. 

What to look for when choosing a flatbed truck service for your business

If it sounds like flatbed truck shipping is the right transportation service for you, here’s how to select a provider that meets your needs:

Step 1: Start with the basics

Investing in a little up-front research time can ensure you pick a flatbed service that provides a safe, reliable service. 

How long has the company been operating? Where are they based – and to where can they travel? What types of freight transportation do they offer? 

Step 2: Are they qualified?

Can the company list the qualifications they require of their drivers? Do they carry out background checks? What safety protocols for loading and unloading are in place? Can they provide you with their sustainability policy?

A high-quality shipping provider will prioritize the checks and balances needed to keep their workers and your shipment safe. 

Step 3: What are they like to work with?

Once you’ve established that the service caters to your needs, it’s time to dig deeper. 

A good freight provider should communicate clearly at every step of the journey. Pricing, timings, and shipment requirements such as size, weight, and packaging should be transparent, and hidden costs avoided. 

Does a system exist to communicate this information? For example, is it possible to track your load once it’s in transit? Will delays be promptly communicated? 

Not only is logistics communication vital to the operations of your business, but it’s also a sign of good customer service. Taking a look at reviews of any prospective flatbed trucking companies can be a great way to establish what it’s like to work with them.

Step 4: Select your flatbed trucking provider

If you’re looking for a flatbed trucking provider you can count on, we recommend you select a third-party carrier from Landstar’s network.  

Experience the Landstar advantage today with logistics solutions from Jansson

Image source: Americasbesttrucking

If you want a flatbed trucking provider that checks all the boxes mentioned above and more, you’ve come to the right place. 

As an independent agent of Landstar, Jansson offers the best in heavy haul transportation and a wide range of other logistics and transportation solutions.  

Whether it’s a flatbed truckload or intermodal freight solution you’re looking for, Jansson you can count on Jansson to deliver the Landstar standard of safe, secure, and reliable transportation. With excellent communication at every step of the journey, we’re here to ensure your shipment is delivered promptly and safely, every time. 

Are you in need of a flatbed truck delivery in North America? Contact Jansson today for a free quote, or email us at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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