Becoming a Landstar Agent: We Can Make That Happen

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becoming a Landstar agent

The industry-leading logistics firm, Landstar, is powered by dozens of dedicated agents nationwide. 

Operating as independent businesses, Landstar agents provide personalized support at the local level to meet the varied logistical needs of customers. 

Sound like a role you could see yourself doing?

If you’re wondering what it takes to become a Landstar agent, look no further. 

This article will explain what a Landstar freight agent does, the skills and experience you need to get started as a freight agent, and a top tip on how to jumpstart your career today.

So, let’s get to it!

What does a Landstar agent do?

Landstar agents offer customers personalized logistics advice and services, helping them transport their freight shipments from A to B.

Freight agents are crucial in the logistics journey connecting shippers and carriers. 

Let’s take a look at what a typical day’s work would look like in the role of a Landstar agent:

A day in the life of a Landstar agent

Freight agents benefit from a varied and fast-paced workload, meaning you’re not likely to work the same day twice! 

According to Landstar, “Agents coordinate the transportation plan, secure capacity through the connections of the Landstar network of 102,000+ capacity providers, and communicate with customers every step of the way.”

On a typical day as a Landstar freight agent, you might be required to:

  • Engage in sales calls to attract and retain customers
  • Take customer orders for freight transportation
  • Plan and optimize freight routes for cost and efficiency 
  • Organize freight transportation, including the pick-up, loading, drop-off, and unloading of shipments
  • Calculate freight tariffs and ensure legal documentation is completed
  • Provide customers with support and updates about their shipments
  • Maintain accurate shipping records and up-to-date customer information
  • Invoice customers and carriers, and keep financial records

As an independent Landstar agent, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to set your own hours and create your targets – meaning you can curate your “typical day” to match your specific career goals and personal commitments. 

How to get started becoming a Landstar agent

becoming a Landstar agent

If the role of a Landstar agent sounds appealing, you might be wondering what the career path looks like and how you can get started. 

With that in mind, let’s explore the skills, experience, and qualifications you need to get set up as a Landstar agent – and what you can do if you’re not eligible just yet.

What skills and experience do I need to become a Landstar agent?

The great news is that getting started as a Landstar agent doesn’t typically require you to have completed a college degree or further education – a high school diploma or GED is ordinarily sufficient.

However, there are specific skills – as well as experience in the industry – that Landstar looks for in its agent applicants. As an industry leader, Landstar usually requires its agents to hold an existing book of business – a list of clients you’re currently working with. 

This can prove a hurdle if you’re new to logistics, and we’ll offer a solution for starting a freight agent career without experience later in this article. 

In terms of skills, Landstar agents will benefit from having: 

  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • The ability to communicate clearly both in writing and verbally
  • Customer service skills and a positive attitude 
  • Excellent geographical knowledge and an understanding of different transportation types and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Problem-solving capabilities and the ability to approach a challenge from different angles
  • Financial literacy and experience with bookkeeping 
  • Administrative or managerial skills or experience

While Landstar may not be looking for all of these skills (thankfully!), they can go a long way in getting your Landstar freight agent career off to the best start as you build your client load. 

Can I still become a freight agent without experience in logistics?

While Landstar requires its agents to have an existing book of business – requiring a decent amount of experience in the industry – this isn’t the only route to becoming a freight agent. 

If you’re looking to get started as a freight agent, want to experience the benefits of affiliation with an industry-leading logistics firm, but don’t have the skills or experience needed to partner with Landstar directly, then Jansson is here to help

Working with an existing Landstar agent such as Jansson not only provides access to a freight agent career without any experience, but it offers a range of other benefits, including access to: 

  • The best fleet and equipment pricing for your customers
  • An expert freight team is on hand to help you navigate the industry
  • Landstar’s innovative technological solutions 
  • Full freight agent training as you get started
  • Intermodal solutions that incorporate OTR and rail modalities
  • The chance to grow your skills at your own pace

If this sounds like the Landstar agent freight career you’ve been waiting for, then you can reach out to Jansson at our careers page here.  

Jumpstart on your Landstar agent career with Jansson 

As an independent agent of Landstar, Jansson has over ten years of experience in logistics and transportation – and we’re waiting to share our expertise with you. 

If you’re ready to move to a freight agent career, but aren’t sure where to start, then Jansson is here to provide the tools you need to succeed. Whether you have an existing book of business or are new to logistics, Jansson can offer you the training you need to get started as a Landstar agent. 

To jumpstart your Landstar freight agent career today, or to find out more about what’s involved, reach out to Jansson today!

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