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1. The Requirement of Including Business Intelligence and Analytics

We know our clients are some of the most up to date and business savvy individuals. This new decade starts with an already understood measure that business intelligence and analytics are an important part of the sales process. At jan...

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The Landstar Advantage Supporting Veteran History

The wind was blowing and the North Florida skies were dark the afternoon two Landstar BCOs pulled into Jacksonville’s Cecil Commerce Center hauling an A-7 Corsair II, a combat plane constructed during the Vietnam War.

“It was an honor to pull into the hangar at Cecil Field with this freight,” sa...

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Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is when America honors all professional truck drivers for their commitment to one of the economy’s most demanding and important jobs.

At jansson, llc. we appreciate the dedication of the country’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers every day of the ...

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The FAQs of Jansson, LLC

What is Jansson, LLC.?

Jansson, LLC. is an indepedent agent of Landstar focusing on logistics solutions with unique expertise on intermodal solutions. 

What is The Landstar Advantage?

The Landstar Advantage comes with being an independent agent of Landstar. This means Jansson, LLC. has access to o...

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A Jurassic Journey

“I got a picture of my head in a T-Rex, can’t ask for a better day than that,” laughs Landstar Business Capacity Owner (BCO) James Morris. “I’ve been trucking for 30 years, and this was a really fun and exciting haul.”

To secure the prehistoric freight, Morris used crates, straps and blankets to coax...

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The American Manufacturing and Logistics Landscape: A Snapshot

A few of our clients are direct manufacturers of products. And we noticed various trends in the manufacturing and logistics industry. For Douglas Clark, in "Disappearing" article from NPR, he witnessed the transition of shoe manufacturing at Nike shift from Northeast America to Asia for a...

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A few of our clients have their own fleet. Maybe you do as well. What would the benefit be of having your own logistics company as a resource to your fleet? We laid it out below, because usually folks say "Well, we have our own fleet we don't need anything extra." or "it's okay, we on...

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Landstar Leading Green Initiatives

 With all of the new trends in 2019 in Logistics it is very important to us at jansson, llc. to be up to speed and integrate as much of the new technologies available to us for our clients. 

One of the first logistics companies to put their values to the test was Landstar - recently deliver...

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With so many logistics options today it can be difficult navigating all of the options, budgets, and understanding what will support you in your business goals in vision. At jansson, llc. we are experts at Intermodal Logistics, and we belii

So what is intermodal?

It is a logistics process of movi...

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In 2012 a new lady came to  visit our city of Chicago. A 26 foot tall Marilyn Monroe by artist Seward Johnson had to be transported across America on her tour of major cities. It was the Landstar Advantage that got her there. Ronald Shaw, who specializes in moving over-dimensional freight was r...

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