2020 Logistics Trends 

17.02.20 08:59 PM Comment(s)

2020 Logistics Trends

1. The Requirement of Including Business Intelligence and Analytics

We know our clients are some of the most up to date and business savvy individuals. This new decade starts with an already understood measure that business intelligence and analytics are an important part of the sales process. At jansson, llc. we have so many tools available for our clients. Whether it be looking at lane rates, having individualized contracts with rail, or saving you money with the most efficient logistics mode. We keep track of our clients, their goals, and the analytics behind it. 

2. Lowering Environmental Footprint as Client Focus

We know that our clients every year become more and more aware of the environmental footprint they leave behind. It is why we offer intermodal as one of our most carbon neutralizing solutions for the new year. If intermodal does not feed your specific supply chain needs - we can find some more creative solutions that would support your energy saving needs. 

3. The Impact of "The Amazon Effect"

Amazon has changed the delivering landscape and expectations of B2B and B2C consumers. Knowing that this changing landscape creates pressure on efficiency, speed, and delivery times - we emphasize the priorities and goals of all of our clients. Whether it may be speed and safety of hazmat or the reliability of intermodal - we can keep your quality at the top, giving you the edge to survive "The Amazon Effect."

4. Requirements and Preferences over Integrated Partners, Employees, and Small Teams

More and more of our clients and business partners prefer the smaller team. This emphasizes clear communication, direct troubleshooting, and developing relationships with the client in a way that makes them feel like not a number in the queue. We know our customers by name, we understand their goals, and because they know the team and we know them goals get met, and supply chain solutions are seamless.