The Latest Trends in Logistics 2019 

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The Latest Trends in Logistics 2019 - The Jansson, llc. Perspective

Technology, data, and artificial intelligence are the players in the shifting logistics trends we are seeing here ar Jansson, llc. Even we have integrated more of a live date monitoring system for our drivers along with lane updates to give our clients the most reliable and up to date information. 


  1. Uber Freight


Uber is gaining a footing in the logistics space by not just moving people - but moving product. Bigger freight product with it's new "Uber Freight" service. Yes thy are more data heavy and work with individual drivers. The only thing we think they are missing however is the personal touch and the specialized deliveries that need multiple switches and forms of transportation. We specialize in that at jansson llc.


  1. Self-Driving Cars


Self Driving Cars have been talked about now for a few years. We know Google has implemented them and Uber has been in the testing phase for consumers with their self-driving cars. However, the logistics industry is buzzing with news of self-driving cars. DHL mentioned the concept of a hybrid test with self-driving cars with drivers to check and make sure that things are okay on the road. However, more and more of the trends seem to be showing a leaning towards integrating artificial intelligence when sending out mass deliveries. 

  1. Integrative Tracking


 A few logistics companies are fully implementing live tracking for roads, cost per mile, and transportation hazards - this way logistics companies can stay up to date with live events to give customers the best deals, the safest routes, and efficient time tables for when goods will arrive and transportation methods will depart. When you become a jansson, llc. client you will have the Landstar Advantage which includes integrative tracking to support your business goals and vision. 

  1. Warehouse Technology

The new robots that have been taking over the warehouses have arrived and are here to stay. Amazon's fleet of 20,000 Kiva robots have saved over $20 million for each fulfillment center that it has used thus far. This has been the biggest direct impact on efficiency and automation in regards to client acquisition, packing, specializing, and delivering all within 48 hours. At janson llc we are kept up to date with the latest logistics trends and look at all sides of your logistics process to give you the easiest and most affordable solution. 

Whether you are in multiple warehouses, use cross country delivery, manage 10,000 fleets of trucks deliveries a day, or somewhere in between. We are here to serve you with the best logistics solutions available for your specific goals. Become a part of the jansson llc client list today. 


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