The American Manufacturing and Logistics Landscape: A Snapshot

20.08.19 02:11 PM Comment(s)

The American Manufacturing and Logistics Landscape: A Snapshot

A few of our clients are direct manufacturers of products. And we noticed various trends in the manufacturing and logistics industry. For Douglas Clark, in "Disappearing" article from NPR, he witnessed the transition of shoe manufacturing at Nike shift from Northeast America to Asia for a preference in cheaper labor. 


It was this transition that inspired Clark to create a profitable American model. 


There are industries that have been left strong, despite the shoe and some fashion industries taking a hit, many of the clients that jansson, llc. work with are in the Steel, Lumber, and Construction industry. We call ourselves lucky to be working with these American made and supporting the internal economy. 


By partnering with jansson, llc. know that we will keep you up to date on the logistics, trends, and shifts that are happening in the American sector. Douglas Clark, eventually found an opening and recieved a grant in experimenting with automation and fewer steps of the manufacturing of shoes. He noticed however, that the latest innovations were overseas where - history is repeating itself. 


There is new legislation and requests for raising of wages, and of course manufacturers are on the hunt again for the cheapest labor possible. 


What this means for you, your company, and your logistics process?


We are now at the most prime time to develop innovations, just like Douglas Clark, the baton is being passed to shoe and clothing manufacturers such as Nike and Urban Outfitters who are experimenting with subscription business models to lock in consumers into a regular updated income stream, and production ready infrastructure. 


We are at the pinnacle of becoming more niche and specialized, as well as subscription and loyalty based. The trend is leaning towards smaller being better and more mindful. This is why we are small yet highly specialized team of logistics specialists, resource sharers, and problem solvers. If you liked this content and would like to continue the conversation signup for our weekly newsletter. Ready to move a load and get the best logistics solution? Click the button below to request a quick free quote and we will respond. 

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