Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is when America honors all professional truck drivers for their commitment to one of the economy’s most demanding and important jobs.

At jansson, llc. we appreciate the dedication of the country’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers every day of the year. During the 2019 NTDAW we show some extra gratitude to Landstar Advantage owner-operators by providing free lunch at Landstar orientation centers throughout the United States and in Canada.


We’ll also be celebrating Landstar BCOs on social media throughout NTDAW. Be sure to follow the Landstar Owner-Operator (BCO) Facebook page and @LandstarSystem on Twitter as we celebrate independent Landstar BCOs! You can participate in Landstar’s NTDAW social media conversation by following us @janssonllc and using Landstar’s #ThankYouBCOs hashtag in your own posts. 

Here are three ways you can express gratitude for your fleet, carriers, and truck drivers:

1. Healthy Meals

One of the primary concerns that we hear from drivers is the lack of healthy affordable food. Pit stops, gas stations, and fast food joints are not the most ideal to keep your fleet workers on their "A" game. This week we are offering our Landstar Advantage BCOs at our multiple Landstar facilities for those long cross-country trips. 

2. Back Support

Integrative care is crucial to not only our physical bodies but also to support focus on the road. Whether it is insurance that covers massage therapy, or a few physical therapy sessions it is important to keep our spines in tip top shape. Sitting for those long periods of time cause stress on circulatory systems, and our musculoskeltal systems. Stretch breaks, massage add-ons to driving chairs, and a physical therapy tune up are great ways we can show appreciation to our drivers. 

3. Mental Health Check

In 2010 a study was conducted that found more than 75% of drivers reported health problems, but only 19% admitted to mental stress or anxiety. It was determined that even if drivers were interested in help, or asked for treatment, it was difficult to get the treatment needed because of schedule restraints and access to mental health professionals.

There are many mental health tools available online as well as in person, but event a quick check in from our account managers and seeing how things are going is something we strive to do regularly. However, we encourage checking in even more during appreciation week. One great app that we recommend is headspace which allows you to meditate, and another is insight timer. 

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