What is Intermodal

06.08.19 04:18 PM Comment(s)

With so many logistics options today it can be difficult navigating all of the options, budgets, and understanding what will support you in your business goals in vision. At jansson, llc. we are experts at Intermodal Logistics, and we belii

So what is intermodal?

It is a logistics process of moving different types of cargo while utilizing more than one method of transportation. The most common intermodal combination? Rail and Truck. 


Why choose intermodal?

You are a business and you ship to multiple locations both domestically and internationally. By choosing intermodal you lessen the amount of handling and processes (aka hoops to jump through, permits, etc.) needed to get your delivery on time resulting in bigger savings through reduced costs. 

Know that with the team at jansson, llc. finding you the effective and efficient route and logistics solution is our promise. And you will  talk to a specialized jansson, llc representative that will walk you through the best solution available for you.