What to Do When Surges Hit?

12.08.19 04:50 PM Comment(s)

What to Do When Surges Hit?

A few of our clients have their own fleet. Maybe you do as well. What would the benefit be of having your own logistics company as a resource to your fleet? We laid it out below, because usually folks say "Well, we have our own fleet we don't need anything extra." or "it's okay, we only move regionally towards shipping and receiving loads." That is fantastic that you have a well oiled machine of a fleet together. But what about when things slip through the cracks? 

At jansson, llc. we specialize in the niche, the new, and the things that may have been overlooked. So when a surge or an increased need for truck capacity comes into play - we have your back with over 10,500 BCOs, all hazmat certified, and safety tested. Typically surges come around the holidays, an increase in sales, or during a much needed expansion. Here are just a few solutions that we recommend to implement once surges hit:

1. The Intermodal Solution 

focusing on efficiency and setting a system in place as a preventative measure when a surge will happen.

2. The LTL Solution

For when your fleet did pretty well but there is just a little left over from the surge needing time sensitive care

3. A Customized One Time Solution

This is where we have the most fun. Need something within the week on this specific dock, and it needs to be hazmat certified? We got it. 

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